Bella Beauties Dance Studio

Venus Hall

Chrystal Lester

Hello, my name is Portia Hunter and I am the Creative Director at Bella Beauty Dance Studio. I have a Bachelor's of the Arts from The University of Wisconsin-Parkside. I have worked with children for 15+ years; which led me to being an early childhood educator for over 2 years. During this time, I was able to teach the importance of movement and liberal arts in early childhood education through dance. I absolutely love to working with younger children. Working under Chrystal truly opened my eyes to my passion for dance. In turn, I have become the "Hip-Hop for Tots" and "Tap for Tots" instructor. At Bella Beauties Dance Studio dance is secondary; so I can assure you that your child will not only learn to dance but also learn the morals and values that it takes to become an amazing person in the real world as well.

Portia Hunter

Chrystal is the director of Bella Beauties and the proud mother of two. Having taught for over 15 years, Chrystal specializes in Hip-Hop and Jazz where she has received many awards for her choreography